What Is Healthy Eating for Males and Females?

You Truly Are What You Eat:

Have you heard of this incredibly true saying? Well if yes, and you are still complaining about your health issues, you have probably not understood it or have not acted upon it. It is very simple to understand. If you want to live a healthy life you will have to eat healthy diet.

A good diet is a combination of all essential vitamins, mineral, proteins, iron, calcium carbohydrates and other important nutrients in a balanced proportion. These proportions however differ for men and women as they have slightly different physical bodies and needs.

What is Healthy Eatings For Males and Females

Wondering what healthy eating is? Read on to find out the components that help you eat and stay healthy. The most important thing to keep in mind before making your diet plan is the calories. Let’s shed some light on that first.


A person’s caloric requirement is not only determined by your life style or the amount of physical activity that you do, it is largely dependent on your gender. An average women weighing 125 pounds would need to take an average of 2000 calories per day. While an average man weighing 175 pounds would require a daily intake of 2800 calories. This means that your diet should include things that make up an average of this number of calories.


Although there is much hype about the high protein diet, the fact of the matter is that our body requires only 15% of proteins out of the total caloric requirement (both men and women). If your protein intake is more than what is required, it can actually cause calcium loss through urine which, in turn, can cause kidney stones (men) and osteoporosis (women).


Ideally carbohydrates must constitute 45%-65% of our daily caloric intake. Men require more fiber and carbohydrates as compared to women. Almost 10-15 grams more than their female counter parts. Carbohydrates and fiber is found in high-fiber food like bran cereal, wheat, brown rice and other fruits and vegetables.


Vitamins are equally essential for both men and women. You can get these from fruits and vegetables. A lot of over-the-counter supplements are now available and should be taken if you think your diet lacks important vitamins. Vitamin D is one such important vitamin that is very difficult to get through diet.


There is no doubt that women need more iron then men, as their bodies tend to loose iron with every child birth and menstrual cycle. So, they need to indulge themselves in iron rich food. The RDA requirement of iron for females is 18mg for women while its only 8mg for men.


There’s a stark difference of the amounts to be taken by men and women. Women need a lot of calcium intake to prevent themselves from the dreaded osteoporosis. If men have a large intake of calcium, they can develop prostate cancer. Their intake should strictly not increase from 800 mg a day.

How to take a balanced diet?

A balanced diet means to have all the essential components in a reasonable quantity. Too much of a single nutrient can cause deficiency in other areas. You need to have all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. regardless of your gender. Your sex will only come into play while deciding the quantities of each component.

Balanced Diet For Males and Females

Healthy eating for men will mean more carbohydrates like, bread, rice, cereals and other unrefined fiber. Men should eat more proteins for muscle building while healthy eating for women would be a bit different. Women need to add eggs, milk and dairy in their diets more for calcium. Also women need more iron found in green leafy vegetables. Fruits are essential for both men and women as they are packed with important vitamins.

Healthy Snacking:

Unhealthy snacking is a major cause of unhealthy eating. We often snack on all the wrong and unhealthy things available. Like fried items, bakery items burgers and other unhealthy food items. If you can replace these items by nuts, fruits and healthy vegetables like carrots, radish, cucumber etc. it will make your snacking healthy.

Eat healthy for a better life:

Eat everything and savor all the bounties. The key is to maintain a balance. Too much of anything will have its side effects and will be harmful.

The latest research shows that healthy eating can ward off the risk of cancer by 25% and can help prevent type 2 diabetes by 90%! This speaks volumes of how important it is to eat healthy and live a happy and a stress free life.

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