How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Smart through Exercise?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Well that’s absolutely true, but we can twist it a little and apply that to our food, work and exercise balance. All desk work, only eating and no exercise make you not only a dull person but also obese, unhealthy and lethargic. The list of these side effects of not exercising goes on and on. Our body is like a machine that requires repair and maintenance to function properly. Repairing comes through proper nutrition and maintenance by properly exercising or working out. Exercise does not necessarily mean heavy workouts/cardio or going to the gym for a rigorous training. A brisk walk, skipping a rope, jogging and walking also qualify as exercising. Mopping your floors and washing washrooms, etc. are also going to help you keep your body maintained.

How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Smart through Exercise?

Proper exercising not only keeps your body maintained, it keeps you looking smart and fit while keeping all the diseases away from you. Doctors, physicians, dieticians and all the health gurus stress on this single point. Keep moving and doing some exercise, so your body becomes healthy and keeps fit. If you keep your body resting, it will start rusting.

Following are some major benefits that your body gets by proper and regular exercising. These are some basic benefits that you should know about why and how to keep your body healthy through exercise.

Cardiac Health:

Our heart is one of the main components of our body and works 24/7. Whether you’re sleeping or are awake, your heart keeps on working and pumping blood to every other organ. Heart is like a muscle. It is very important that we provide enough oxygen through proper workout/cardio. Heart diseases have caused the most number of diseases in the world. So it’s very critical to exercise and keep the heart healthy. Exercising decreases the risk of a cardiovascular attacks by making the arteries more flexible and reducing the blockages.

Reduces Blood Pressure:

Proper exercise like walking, rowing, cycling etc. can reduce blood pressure for up to 10 points. Hypertension is also known to cause heart diseases.

Keep Your Body Healthy and Smart Through Exercise

Helps Build a Strong Immune System

When you are exercising, your brain releases some chemicals called macrophages. These are known to attack bacteria. Also the increased body temperature after/during the exercise makes the body active in attacking the bacteria along with the macrophages. Hence exercising stimulates the immune system.

Decreases the Risk of Some Fatal Diseases, Like Cancer:

Research and studies have found out that moderate exercising helps the body fight cancer, especially, bowel, breast and colon cancer.

Healthy life is correlated to proper nutrition and a regular consistent workout/exercise regime. Similarly, keeping yourself fit and straight also requires proper exercising.

Keep Your Body Health and Smart - Proper Nutrition

Helps in Losing Weight

It is a commonly known fact that exercise will help you reduce weight. In fact, any physical activity helps the body to remain fit and strong. Consistent cardio exercises, thrice a week, will help you burn your calories, keep your muscles fit and toned and will help you to shed off those extra pounds.

Exercise improves energy and keeps the mind/body fresh by decreasing stress. Working out increases the blood supply and makes it more efficient. Whenever you exercise, your brain releases the “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. These make you feel good about yourself and energize your mind and body to increase your productivity.

It is important to choose the right kind of exercise for yourself and the amount of time you need to carry that activity. The exercise routine that is beneficial for one might not be as effective for someone else. You should know the different types of exercises and why they are done in order to know how to keep your body smart through exercise. Exercising is divided into two categories

  • Aerobic Exercise: These focus on burning fat and include running, jogging, cycling, rowing, and skipping, etc.
  • Anaerobic Exercise: These exercises are not used to burn fat but are carried out to develop muscles. This includes weight lifting.

You should make your routine of workout and exercise according to your requirement. If your focus is to lose weight, you should try being consistent with cardio exercises. Jogging, skipping running, cycling, rowing etc. will also help you to reduce weight. If you only want to keep fresh and maintain your smartness, brisk walking, jogging, gardening and household chores are enough to keep you going.

If the purpose is to make muscles and have a body builder’s physique, anaerobic exercise combined with special supplements is what you require.

If you are suffering from diabetes or hypertension, you don’t need any heavy workout or routine, just walk or jog lightly but consistently and don’t forget to always consult your doctor before you want to start heavy workouts.

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