Causes of Diabetes Mellitus | Reasons Of Diabetes Mellitus

Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus

25% risk factors of developing Diabetes Mellitus are shown in family inheritance of this disease. The percentage of patients having family Diabetes history is about 5.5% to 11.6%. There may exist different reasons behind the development of diabetes mellitus, among these reasons or causes some are suggested in the following.
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Improper diet is perceived as a ground cause of Diabetes Mellitus. Excessive amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein may lead to harm to the body. More than required diet hurdles the pancreas in the performance of insulin secretion. Insufficient insulin secretion rises the Glucose level in our body which results in developing Diabetes Mellitus. Studies show that the people who are more inclined to chocolate, pudding, ice cream, bread, cakes and biscuits, are at a risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus. So, it is necessary for parents to develop good dietary habits in their kids instead of offering them such refined Carbohydrates.


Obesity is another risk factor of developing Diabetes Mellitus. If a person exceeds in weight limit compared to his height, he is supposed to develop Diabetes mellitus. Because of obesity insulin fails to work properly in the body because the body cells and tissues turn to resist insulin. So, in order to avoid the risk factor of Diabetes Mellitus it is necessary to keep body weight in proper balance.
Causes of Diabetes Mellitus - Obesity

Viral infections

Coxsackie B virus infects the pancreas destructing Beta (B) cells of Islets of Lange Home impairing insulin secretion which finally results in enormous increase in blood Glucose level.

Lack of activity

Studies show that people with lesser activity are at a great risk of Diabetes. So, its is compulsory to maintain Glucose level in the body with the help of certain activities. In this way, The Glucose in the blood can be utilized by cells to produce energy, and the work burden on pancreas should be shorten.

Age factors

Age factor leads to pancreatic dysfunction. So, it has been observed that people in 45years of age develop the risk of Diabetes because of little activity.
Causes of Diabetes Mellitus - Age Factors

Mental agitation

Certain kinds of mental stress as the death of some near one or some loss in business and such other mental agitations promote Diabetes.
Causes of Diabetes Mellitus - Mental Agitation


People who are more prone to smoking are absolutely in the danger of Diabetes. The more you smoke the more you go away from life.
There may be some other causes of Diabetes Mellitus that are mentioned below.
– Type1 Diabetes Mellitus is characterized as an auto-immune-disorder, developed from a sudden attack by the immune system on insulin producing cells in the pancreas.
– Hereditary factors may also involve as important in Type2 Diabetes. Race also influences many complications of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy. For instance, black women are supposed to have lower rates of macrosomia, despite similar levels of glycemic control. While, Hispanic women have higher rates of macrosomia and birth injury as compared to women of other category.
– Some medicines such as: corticosteroids or thiazide diuretics may increase the danger of Type2 Diabetes Mellitus.
– Expecting ladies can develop Gestational Diabetes that normally ends after giving birth. These women are usually at an increased danger of developing subsequently Type2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

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