Signs of Communicable Disease | Communicable Diseases Symptoms

Symptoms are the signs and feelings of a disease. There can be more than one symptom for one disease. Sore throat may be the symptom of influenza or cold.

Symptom of some communicable diseases are fever, sore throat, muscle aches, tiredness and headache. Fever is one of the symptoms and disease of communicable diseases. Normal body temperature is from 96 to 99.9. If our body is busy in fighting an infection, there might be slight fever. Increase of many kinds of microbes is slowed down by fever. A high fever may be a symptom of serious infection. High fever can be harmful if it lasts for three or more than three days. It can cause such a serious harm patient with the help of sphygmomanometer. Blood pressure tells about the general condition of the body.

A doctor knows how heart and lungs should sound. So, he uses the stethoscope to listen the soft sounds of heart and lungs.

Ophthalmoscopes is used to look at patient’s retina through pupil. Its nerves and blood vessels can be seen easily as these are not covered with skin or muscles. Some diseases like diabetes causes changes in never and blood vessels of the patient. To see the infection of throat, the doctor uses a flat piece of wood or steel to push the tongue down.

Our lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes. Lymph nodes have the ability to destroy or kill the disease microbes. Lymph nodes are small glands where certain types of white blood cells are made. In case of any infection, the lymph nodes swell. Doctors check the lymph nodes by touching under arms, lower abdomen and both sides of the neck. Finally doctor may send sample of blood and urine to the avocatory for test. Both samples are checked under microscope to see white blood cells in them.
Signs of Communicable Disease

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