Human Body Systems Functions And Activities

Groups of specialized cells form tissues. Different tissues form organs. Oranges work together in body system. Several organs that work together to do one job is called a body system.
All the organs of a body do not look same and may not work in the same way, but they all help to accomplish a certain job, and this job makes them a part of the same system. For instance tongue, food canal, stomach, liver, intestine, kidneys are different parts of the digestive system. They work in coordination to break the food in small pieces by their actions on food so that food can be used by the cells. In this way,
food will give energy to the body to perform different functions. For a healthy body parts from smallest cell to the largest organ that they must work in coordination of each other. If cells are not healthy, tissues cannot perform their functions will and if tissues are not healthy organs are affected. For a good working of system, organs should work well. If all systems work well, the whole body will be healthy. So, all parts of the body depend upon each other and they are inter-linked.
Human Body Systems

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