Raita Recipe | Dahi Raita Recipe | Indian Dahi Raita Recipe

Raita is the must-found dish in almost all the Indian cultures. It is made of yogurt (Dahi) and some other vegetables like onion, mint and tomato. Dahi Raita is a nutritious and digestive in nature. Read how to make Dahi Raita which is made in Indian style.


800gram (2 pkt) prime yogurt.
10gram rock salt.
8gram cumin seeds.
1 medium onion.
1 medium tomato.

How to Prepare

Cut the onion and tomato in beautiful slices. Beat the yogurt or Dahi well and after beating it mix all other things in it. Now present Dahi Raita to all the members of the family and enjoy this simple but digestive part of the food.


The quantity of Dahi or Yogurt can be increased or decreased according to the number of people.

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